CATALOG - Crokinole Boards

The price shown below includes the board (obviously), 24 discs - 12 in each of 2 colors, and a disc bag.
NOTE - That price does NOT include shipping

Please visit the catalog accessories link for more information.
There you will find a disc box with built-in scoreboard, a board wall hanger, extra disc sets.

If you order a board and the above optional accessories you will save $25 off of the total price.

Each board is built to your preference. If you like what you see below in the pictures then perfect. Maybe you want to mix and match colors. That is fine as well.
For example... Maybe you like the KONA board but you'd prefer the black ditch. I can do that.
There are too many stain options to list so shoot me an email and let me know what you'd like. Better yet send me a picture.

Please see the bottom of this page for construction info and special orders.

KONA - $225


This board is Birch with a dark stain called Kona. I have to assume that's because it looks like dark coffee? I don't know. Anyway...
What I do know is that this has been one of my best selling boards. People seem to like the dark stain with white lines. It features a light natural colored ditch and a Kona stained Oak rail.

SIENNA - $225


Similar to the KONA board this one is birch with a rich redish-brown stain. The rail on this one is oak with the dark Kona stain.



This board is beautiful, straight up clear coated, maple. No stain applied. Well... except the ditch. That's black stain right there.



This is one of my favorites. You are looking at a Walnut board and rail. No stain has been applied to the playing surface or rail. The ditch as shown is white. Try this one with a dark or black ditch. It'll really bring out the dark grain of the Walnut.

Each of these boards is handmade by me. The main board surface is veneer faced plywood or MDF core to maintain flatness. The playing surface is coated with 10-12 coats of high quality, high solids laquer rubbed out to obtain glass-like flatness and a glossy sheen and then waxed for optimum disc flicking.
The rail is laminated hardwood secured to the base with glue and nails. The base and rails are coated with 3 coats of the same laquer.
This construction constitutes a relatively light but strong board that if taken care of can last a lifetime.

The GALLERY shows more boards that what is shown here. Some of those were special orders requested by customers. A special order might constitute a figured veneer or custom paint. In general those take longer to make. If you are interested in a custom board I would be happy to provide you with a quote. Click the contact link and shoot me an email.